Project 7: Exercise – Depth


Find a place where you can frame a shot that contains a close and distant object. Zoom in on the close object. (Zoom all the way in but only use the optical zoom on your camera. If it has a digital zoom you may be able to turn it off in the menu settings.) Notice that the distant object is now out of focus. Slowly zoom out, keeping the two objects in frame. You should notice that the background object comes into focus as you zoom. This is because your depth of field is increasing as you change the characteristics of your lens. You may also notice that the background and foreground objects actually appear to move apart.


Using the china dolls as subjects for the pics already creates a slightly sinister atmosphere to the shots, although my intention was simply to use animated objects as I had no actors or models at hand during the time of the exercise. I am wondering whether if I had had not such a history of watching spooky movies whether that sense of the unnerving had been noticed! The weather also added a further atmosphere too.

I enjoyed this exercise as it gave me the opportunity to get to grips with a new camera and to understand focus and depth in a better detail.

Peter O



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