About me

I am Peter Owden, a 45 year old student with the Open College of the Arts, studying the Moving Image degree course. Student Peter515724.


I live on the South Coast of England, literally fifty yards from the sea, with my girlfriend and our three children. Things are wonderful down here for the imagination and I find it extremely inspiring for creative work. I write and perform rock music, I front an alternative metal band as lead singer and rhythm guitarist, make short films and videos. Often I write the odd poem or prose and recently I started work on an adaptation screenplay based on a psychedelic horror story written by a friend of mine.


I have been playing with cameras and editing software for quite a bit of the last decade and found it very useful to back up my music, filming live shows, making video posts on the band’s social networks and promo videos for my songs. I found that simply posting songs on social media gathered little interest, but with an accompanying video promo or live footage, engaging visuals presented to our audience created better traffic.

Below are a couple of videos that I made for my band Word of Nod. A lot of our artwork stems from child-like drawings and I have asked my young daughters to draw things for me to use. My songs are generally satirical, what I jest as pseudo-prophetic and lean towards black humour, so I have weaved this rudimentary imagery with live and/ or staged footage alongside news archives.

I publish my music and creative work under the name Dysgracelands alongside a very close friend of mine who also is a musician and writer. We have produced fanzines, festival events, performance evenings, art exhibitions and currently, we are setting up a blog and website. Our manifesto is simply to be creative and experiment with music, film and the written word.


I am looking forward to my course, to focus on the skills required, hopefully adding some expertise to a field I am already very happy to be involved in, artistically.

Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ72
Panasonic NVGS400
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premier Pro CLOUD
Adobe Photoshop CLOUD
Adobe Fireworks CS6
Ulead VideoStudio Pro 9
BOSS BR MicroStudio Digital Sound Multitracker
Logic Pro Studio
iPhone 7s
Blackberry DTEK50 Android

Peter Owden


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