Project 10. Exercise: Create a new soundtrack

Look back at your list of sounds from the listening exercise above. If you have not already
done so, record each of the sounds in your list. Ensure you get a good clean recording for
each one, with no other sounds in the background.
Import your sequence from Project 2 into a new project or timeline in your editing
Lay your new sounds underneath the picture. It is likely they will not synch very well. Do
not worry too much. Remember you are trying to create an impression. Think more about
what you want to draw attention to and the quality of the sound.
If you can, layer sounds on top of each other. Use an atmos. to create sound continuity
throughout the scene .
Adjust the levels of each sound to try and achieve a sound balance that sounds
reasonably natural whilst clearly drawing attention to the right elements of the image
and creating the desired atmosphere.
When you are happy with your new sequence, export and upload it to your blog. Provide
notes on what you did.
Look at other students’ work. Analyse what works, how it works and why.

The Illicit Affair, Project 2:

Background atmos sound lifted from the previous “Listening” exercise. On frame 1, 2 and 3
( top left, top right, middle right ) .
Footsteps up to the door and sound of knocking -Frame 1.
Background sound – Frame 2
Door opens, man says “Hi sexy”, lady says “Quick before anyone sees!”
Door shuts, footsteps inside. Lady says “I think you should just kiss me!”. They kiss – Frame 4 ( bottom left )
Gunshot, broken glass, lady shrieks – Frame 5 ( bottom right )

I used my BOSS Micro mini four-track mixer to capture the sounds. Again Catherine supplied the female voice, whilst I wore heavy boots and knocked on the door. I enjoyed this exercise immensely, although upon returning to the finished work I do believe the atmos is too low in the mix. To create the gunshot sound, I lifted the sound from a YouTube video clip of somebody accidently shooting himself in the foot. Simply because it was the most realistic sound available at the time and most online footage I could find were of heavy duty rifles or automatics, and  I envisioned a revolver gunshot in the sequence.

Peter O


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